WordPress and business opportunities

I gave a talk on WordPress and business opportunities at the Open Weekends event at Chennai on May 25th, 2013. I explained the WordPress ecosystem comprising of premium themes and plugins, managed and hosted services and freelancing opportunities with WordPress. I followed it with a demo of using WordPress insisting on the use case that WordPress is just not a blog but a CMS that can be extended with custom post types. I was quite surprised that only a handful of the quite knowledgeable crowd were aware of WordPress software. Awareness about WordPress.com was better. [Read more...]

WordPress 10th anniversary celebration at Coimbatore

WordPress birthday cake :)

WordPress birthday cake :)

I went for the WordPress 10th anniversary celebration at Coimbatore. The event was organized by Lakshmanan of AGT Electronics India, who has developed a popular plugin for feeding Facebook pages to WordPress. Though the attendance was low (Coimbatore is indeed a busy city with lot of web development agencies but those who engage and contribute to the community are not so many), we had a good discussion on everything WordPress and resolved to develop a tech community in the city.

Participants in the WordPress 10th anniversary celebration at Coimbatore.

Participants in the WordPress 10th anniversary celebration at Coimbatore.

WordPress powers one-fifth of the Internet today and provides business opportunities for thousands of developers all over the world. Personally, I have done nothing but WordPress for the last 5 years for my livelihood. And it is the time to say: “Thank you, WordPress.”

WordPress Theme Frameworks and Starter Themes

_s or underscores

Underscores is a starter theme for WordPress made by Automattic claiming to provide a 1000 hours head start. It is a theme meant for hacking and best not used as a parent theme.

Here’s what’s currently in _s:

  • just right amount of lean, well-commented, modern, HTML5 templates.
  • A helpful 404 template.
  • A sample custom header implementation in inc/custom-header.php that can be activated by uncommenting one line in functions.php and adding the code snippet found in the comments of inc/custom-header.php to your header.php template.
  • Custom template tags in inc/template-tags that keep your templates clean and neat and prevent code duplication.
  • Sample theme options in /inc/theme-options/ that can can be activated by uncommenting one line in functions.php.
  • Some small tweaks in /inc/tweaks.php that can improve your theming experience. They can be activated by uncommenting one line in functions.php.
  • Keyboard navigation for image attachment templates. The script can be found injs/keyboard-navigation.js and is enqueued from the image attachment template, image.php.
  • A script at js/small-menu.js that makes your menu a toggled dropdown for small screens (like your phone) ready for CSS artistry. It’s enqueued in functions.php.
  • 5 sample CSS layouts in /layouts: Two sidebars on the left, two sidebars on the right, a sidebar on either side of your content, and two-column layouts with sidebars on either side.
  • Smartly organized starter CSS in style.css that will help you to quickly get your design off the ground.

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WordCamps in India

I always envy that people in US get to attend WordCamps every week end as the Indian WP community is so silent. There have been few WordCamps organized in India before but I missed them all :( . So, I am gonna track all the forthcoming WordCamps planned in India.

Forthcoming WordCamps in India

None announced yet. Track the WordCamp Central schedule for more WordCamps in future.

List of past WordCamps in India

2013 January – Baroda WordCamp

2013 February – Pune WordCamp

2012 October – Mumbai WordCamp

2012 March – Cuttack WordCamp

2011 October – Jabalpur WordCamp

2009 February – Delhi WordCamp

WordPress 3.5 features

WordPress 3.5 has been released.

Here is a feature roundup as highlighted in the official About page you will see in the Dashboard.

New Media Manager


Beautiful Interface

Adding media has been streamlined with an all-new experience, making it a breeze to upload files and place them into your posts.

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