So Simple : Minimal WordPress

So Simple is a minimal WordPress theme from Jason Schuller, the creator of Press75 WordPress themes. From the theme’s page:

In a flooded marketplace of overly complex WordPress themes, the So Simple theme has been created for those looking for something different. By eliminating all of the unnecessary elements found in typical WordPress themes, So Simple allows you to focus on beautiful words and nothing more. So Simple is minimalism at its best, providing a distraction-free writing and reading experience for less than a cup of coffee.

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Genesis Child Themes

Links for free and premium Genesis child themes by StudioPress and an analysis on the growing WordPress child theme trends.

Genesis WordPress theme framework
Genesis WordPress theme framework

The beauty of Free Software is that it allows a healthy economy to grow around it.

While WordPress saw the growing industry of premium themes 3 years back, now I can see a new trend of child theme market growing on top of premium WordPress themes with GPL license. A good example is the number of 3rd party child themes available for the Genesis WordPress theme framework designed by StudioPress.

Here is a list of child themes for the Genesis theme framework available outside StudioPress:

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