Managed WordPress Maintenance and Support

If you are a busy / technically naive blogger or a business using WordPress, you may require professional help to maintain your WordPress site.

Maintaining your WordPress installation includes:

* Regular upgrades for WordPress, themes and plugins.

* Having scheduled backups for database and media.

* Monitoring the site for security breaches.

* Monitoring and optimizing the site for performance, page load time.

Here are some services for managed WordPress maintenance and support:

Exclusive WordPress Maintenance services

WP Help Center

WP Support Desk


WP Maintainer

Design agencies offering WordPress maintenance packages




There are many such agencies offering WordPress maintenance services. I have picked only a few to give an understanding of the market.

Should you buy these Maintenance packs?

You should maintain your WordPress installations for better performance and security. But, purchasing these packs is not the the only way.

Most of the basic maintenance packs offered by these agencies only cover backups and upgrades which you can do easily. For example,

* You can manage few sites for free using ManageWP

* Keep your site safe using Sucuri

* Backup sites using BackupBuddy.

It is quite possible that the agencies you contract for maintenance are using these services themselves. Installing and configuring these is a one time job and doesn’t require technical know how.

If you sign up with a managed WordPress host, you can keep your site secure, optimized and upgraded for a fraction of the cost. If your site is custom made, ask the web developer to provide clear documentation for best practices in upgrading.

Some of the maintenance packs offer a very costly monthly slot for consultation. This is the only valuable element in such packs. But, it will be more economical to contact a consultant only when you have a problem than retaining them for ever. If you have regular backups, you can restore sites easily and need not panic if there is a problem.

Having said all these, you may still go for a maintenance pack if your site is heavily customized and every single minute of downtime will cost hundreds of dollars in revenue 🙂 For others, you are good to go.