WordPress automatic Thumbnail issue with Hostgator

Are you in Hostgator and having problem with WordPress automatic thumbnail generation? Contact their Live Chat support to get it fixed.

If you are hosted with Hostgator, you may have a problem with the automatic thumbnail generation feature that many WordPress themes provide.

To solve this:

1. Login to your Hostgator control panel and contact Live Chat Support.
2. Ask the support technician to white list your thumbnail generation file for mod_security . You will need to give your file name and path.  The file name mostly will be timthumb.php . You can find this file inside the WordPress theme folder. An example file path wp-content/themes/theme_name/timthumb.php

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WordPress Security Tips

Easy and common sense tips for better WordPress security. Keep WordPress themes and plugins update. Use a strong and unique password.

WordPress security tips:

* Keep your WordPress installation and plugins up-to-date always and immediately. Many attackers try to take advantage of loopholes in outdated software. So, do not hesitate to upgrade WordPress fearing it would break custom made themes and plugins. Security should be the top priority. Use only trusted sources for WordPress themes and plugins. Please be aware that most of the pretty looking free WordPress themes may be having malware.

* Use a strong, unique and different password each for WordPress admin user name, WordPress MySQL database, FTP user account and the web hosting control panel user name.

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GPL Premium WordPress themes reselling

Premium WordPress theme designing is a small and growing community. The more we support it the more we can get from it. The success of the current GPL theme providers is very important to encourage more designers to release their themes under GPL.

I saw a site reselling Premium WordPress themes released under GPL. This is legal but I am not convinced it is ethical. I strongly discourage anyone buying from such resellers or venturing into such business model.

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