WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org

WordPress.com is good for having reliable hosting, site security, community and best suited for tech novices. WordPress.org gives you complete freedom, branding, value for domain name, more than blogging for an affordable cost.

Which is good? WordPress.com or WordPress.org? Both have their pros and cons.

WordPress.com advantages

Reliable hosting:

A WordPress.com blog gets world class free hosting. So your blog is always fast. A WordPress.org blog in own domain, if not maintained well, may become slow. Also, some hosts have problems with some of the WordPress.org features. So, you need to choose your host carefully.

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WordPress Tips

Collection of useful links for WordPress Tips and Tricks. Includes tips for WordPress page speed and bulk deleting spam comments.

WordPress tips which I personally found useful:

* Bulk delete spam comments
* How to fix if your stats plugin keeps showing zero visits?
* WordPress page specific header images
* To speed up WordPress, add the following to your wp-config.php:

// Enable the WordPress Object Cache:
define(ENABLE_CACHE, true);