Managed WordPress Maintenance and Support

If you are a busy / technically naive blogger or a business using WordPress, you may require professional help to maintain your WordPress site.

Maintaining your WordPress installation includes:

* Regular upgrades for WordPress, themes and plugins.

* Having scheduled backups for database and media.

* Monitoring the site for security breaches.

* Monitoring and optimizing the site for performance, page load time.

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Behind the site: WP26

Here are the choices I made for building this site.


The site runs on¬†WP Engine¬†personal plan. Earlier I had been using shared hosting from Hostgator. Besides its occasional outages, I couldn’t optimize the site’s performance beyond a point. I had tried Synthesis web hosting for a client before and wanted to try WPEngine next. I am happy with them so far but the pricing is bit costly when I am done with the discounted period. I might get the site hosted with Nodeki soon.

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WordPress web hosting survey

We resell Hostgator shared hosting at MilkHost. Though people love it for its pricing, support and features, shared hosting does have its limitations. Once your WordPress site starts attracting huge traffic, Hostgator shuts down the site. Outages, database connection errors and occasional sluggishness can hurt a business dependent on it. At the same time, the pricing and WordPress install limitations offered by most of the managed WordPress hosts is simply beyond the reach of many.

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