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The future will see organised premium WordPress plugins market. Six emerging trends regarding Premium WordPress plugins are discussed here. Includes paid support, PRO versions, CMS plugins and plugin markets.

2009 was the year of premium WordPress themes. 2010 will see the emergence of organized premium WordPress plugins market.

Six emerging trends regarding Premium WordPress plugins:

codecanyon1. Premium WordPress plugin markets

Like ThemeForest does for premium WordPress themes, these allow people to sell and buy premium WordPress plugins

WP Plugins: The WordPress App store from Incsub

Code Canyon: The WP plugin market from Themeforest.

2. Premium WordPress plugin makers

Like StudioPress and WooThemes, they sell premium WordPress plugins from a single company or developer.

Plugin Buddy from the iThemes.

3. Premium WordPress CMS plugins

Plugins that turn WordPress from a blog to a custom CMS for various needs like job portals, classifieds, review sites, e-commerce etc.,

WP Review

WP Job Ads

WP Touch Pro premium plugin for mobile display

4. Pro version of popular free WordPress plugins

Many of the popular free WordPress plugins receive very poor or no donations considering the hard work done by developers. This model will benefit  them and will give them market lead as they already have a loyal user base. This is very good for the WordPress community too as it will keep the best of the developers active. Many of the features they develop may come into free versions. Or, it will give them the motivation to develop more free plugins for the community.

All in one SEO pack – Pro version

WP Touch Pro

5. Premium WordPress plugins for regular needs

These plugins offer more options and control than the plugins available for free.

Gravity Contact form

Gravity Forms WordPress plugin6. Premium WordPress plugin support

This idea is quite interesting. Instead of selling plugins, they are selling support ! And they are paying an affiliate commission for the original authors too. Awesome

WP Help Center

Can you spot more trends? Let me know. Ultimately, the future looks very bright for WordPress. I am happy 🙂

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