WordCamps in India

I always envy that people in US get to attend WordCamps every week end as the Indian WP community is so silent. There have been few WordCamps organized in India before but I missed them all 🙁 . So, I am gonna track all the forthcoming WordCamps planned in India.

Forthcoming WordCamps in India

None announced yet. Track the WordCamp Central schedule for more WordCamps in future.

List of past WordCamps in India

2013 January – Baroda WordCamp

2013 February – Pune WordCamp

2012 October – Mumbai WordCamp

2012 March – Cuttack WordCamp

2011 October – Jabalpur WordCamp

2009 February – Delhi WordCamp

WordPress Podcasts

Collection of useful podcasts on WordPress. I spend a lot of time travelling and found listening to these podcasts on WordPress useful.

Recently I spend a lot of time travelling and found listening to the following podcasts on WordPress useful:

1. WP Water Cooler – Roundtable discussion sometimes involving WordPress. Recorded Mondays at 11:00am PST.

2. Hello Dolly – Newest podcast in the arena. Available in iTunes.

2. WP Candy Podcasts

3. WP Tavern Talk cast on WordPress

4. da WP Show – This is a new podcast. Hope to see more episodes regularly.

5. Please Advise – An occasional podcast discussing WordPress and more.

6. WP Community – This is the most happening WordPress podcast with all the leading names in the Industry. I liked the informality of the show and the variety of topics they cover.
Please let me know if you know more WordPress podcasts happening.

Contributing to WordPress community

Free software projects like WordPress can grow only if community gives back. Here are few simple ways for you to contribute even without writing code.

Sometime ago, I read a disturbing post called Is WordPress a Thankless Community?. The point is that we benefit a lot from free software but don’t contribute back in any way. This is unfortunately true.

So, how can we contribute back to WordPress community?

1. Say Thanks to WordPress contributors

Do remember to say THANKS Whenever some one makes a nice WP theme, plugin, tutorial blog post or helps in support forum. You can comment in their blog, respond in the forum, rate their themes and plugins well. Every human will be happy for this.

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