WordPress help forums

WordPress.org offficial forum has lots of unanswered and unresolved questions and the waiting time for highly technical questions may be long. Surprisingly, there are not many unofficial support forums for WordPress. The few out there are run by over-worked individual WordPress geeks. Some are closed while some are inactive and filled with spam. Considering the avalanche of premium sites offering WordPress themes and plugins, there is huge space for premium WordPress support. What do you think?

Do you need help with WordPress?

Here are some forums where you can get some WordPress support:

1. WordPress official forum

2. WP Tavern forum

3. Stack Exchange forum for WordPress.

4. IRC channel for WordPress support

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Contributing to WordPress community

Free software projects like WordPress can grow only if community gives back. Here are few simple ways for you to contribute even without writing code.

Sometime ago, I read a disturbing post called Is WordPress a Thankless Community?. The point is that we benefit a lot from free software but don’t contribute back in any way. This is unfortunately true.

So, how can we contribute back to WordPress community?

1. Say Thanks to WordPress contributors

Do remember to say THANKS Whenever some one makes a nice WP theme, plugin, tutorial blog post or helps in support forum. You can comment in their blog, respond in the forum, rate their themes and plugins well. Every human will be happy for this.

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WordPress Tips

Collection of useful links for WordPress Tips and Tricks. Includes tips for WordPress page speed and bulk deleting spam comments.

WordPress tips which I personally found useful:

* Bulk delete spam comments
* How to fix if your stats plugin keeps showing zero visits?
* WordPress page specific header images
* To speed up WordPress, add the following to your wp-config.php:

// Enable the WordPress Object Cache:
define(ENABLE_CACHE, true);