WordPress and business opportunities

I gave a talk on WordPress and business opportunities at the Open Weekends event at Chennai on May 25th, 2013. I explained the WordPress ecosystem comprising of premium themes and plugins, managed and hosted services and freelancing opportunities with WordPress. I followed it with a demo of using WordPress insisting on the use case that WordPress is just not a blog but a CMS that can be extended with custom post types. I was quite surprised that only a handful of the quite knowledgeable crowd were aware of WordPress software. Awareness about WordPress.com was better. Following were some of the questions that followed:

  • How do we keep a WordPress.org blog more secure?
  • What is the advantage of using WordPress.com over Blogger?
  • How do you get clients for a freelance career?
  • How do you work on a staged environment with WordPress.org?

This was my first talk on WordPress. Giving it to a geeky crowd made it awesome. Unlike in the West, WordPress community is not so active in India. I hope events like Open Weekend will help this cause. My sincere thanks for T. Shrinivasan and Dwarak for organizing this event.