WordPress automatic Thumbnail issue with Hostgator

Are you in Hostgator and having problem with WordPress automatic thumbnail generation? Contact their Live Chat support to get it fixed.

If you are hosted with Hostgator, you may have a problem with the automatic thumbnail generation feature that many WordPress themes provide.

To solve this:

1. Login to your Hostgator control panel and contact Live Chat Support.
2. Ask the support technician to white list your thumbnail generation file for mod_security . You will need to give your file name and path.  The file name mostly will be timthumb.php . You can find this file inside the WordPress theme folder. An example file path wp-content/themes/theme_name/timthumb.php

This is a known issue with Hostgator’s WordPress hosting and all the technicians can recognise your request. This problem will be solved by them in minutes.

Before approaching them, make sure that all folders’ permission is set to 755 and files’ permission is set to 644. You may also be asked for the credit card / PayPal info to verify that you are the owner of the hosting account.

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13 thoughts on “WordPress automatic Thumbnail issue with Hostgator”

  1. You know what? I took me almost half a day looking for the answer – DIY forum as well as Google. Little did I realize that it’s got to do with mod_security.

    Thanks for such a simple solution. I owe you one, dude!


  2. Wow! I was just about to start pulling out all my hair regarding this problem.

    I’m using the Thesis theme just like you. I didn’t find timthumb.php in my thesis directory structure. I think the proper file for thesis is under /lib/scripts/thumb.php

    In any case, you were a big, big help. I owe you one, too.

  3. Ravi you are such a life saver. I followed what you said, with in one min they fixed the problem. Thank you so much.


  4. Hello. I ask for hostgator technical support team. for my
    thumnails issue.Hostgator team cant fix my issues. Can u tell me what can i do?

    Thanks Anyway.

  5. Thanks for this info Ravi! Hostgator was able to fix the problem… however, the teasers aren’t being sized correctly (even when the link is in the Photo Image, not the Teaser Image). Do you know what might be causing this?

    I saw that you suggest the I chmod the files to 755 and 644… I didn’t make those changes, but I think it’s the default. Could that be causing the problem? Can I fix it retroactively?

    Thanks for your help!

    1. Sharon, do you have the problem still and if yes, could you explain it bit more? I couldn’t understand your problem yet. Sorry for the delayed reply as I was away for a vacation.

  6. thanks Ravi! Normally, the teaser thumbnails are automatically resized to the pre-determined dimensions if I put an image in the “POST IMAGE” section. But for some reason, that isn’t working with HostGator. The images just show up in their original size (which is obviously too big). I’ve been creating a resized image and putting the URL in the teaser section, but it would be so much easier if I didn’t have to do that extra step.

  7. YOU ARE THE MAN !!!! Thanks so much, struggled with this thing all day.. My problem was that Smart Related Posts Thumbnails plugin stopped working (it worked but didnt show any thumbs) after I moved to HostGator.. it’s fixed now. thanks !!

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