WordPress Backup Services

* VaultPress – VaultPress comes from the makers of WordPress.com . They find and cure security issues even before you can blink 🙂 Who else is more qualified to run a professional backup and security service for WordPress? 🙂 The only drawback I can see is the very high pricing that not many can afford. But, if your site is worth it, this is the best service you can go for.

* ManageWP – ManageWP is a holistic WordPress management service coming from the well known developer Vladimir Prelovac . It covers any management issue in WordPress. They have an iOS app and the service is getting developed very actively. I have used the free version and found it good. A must have for WordPress development agencies dealing with 100s of client websites.

BackupBuddy – This is a paid plugin that offers scheduled WordPress site and database backups. I use this plugin and love it. It has saved me tens of hours and eased the pain in migrating websites. Only drawback is that some servers do not support it fully and some times it can be buggy. But the Backupbuddy developers are putting lot of effort in developing this and it is becoming better every day. A must have for WordPress developers doing client work.

InfiniteWP – This is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to manage unlimited WordPress sites located in different domains and servers from a central admin page. It also offers advances functionality through paid addons. This is the only backup service that can run from your own server and hence you will have total control and privacy. This plugin is used by well known developers like Joost de Valk.

BackupPress and BlogVault are other backup services worth mentioning. But, I haven’t tried them or heard much about them to provide an opinion.

Another shortcut for having reliable backups is to choose a Managed WordPress hosting provider.

Have you used any other professional WordPress backup service and found it good? Let me know.