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If you are in WordPress.com, you cannot and need not do much to improve the SEO technically as it is a great platform for SEO already.

Still, here are some ways  for better SEO in your WordPress.com blog:

* First, make sure that your blog is set to allow search engines. Visit Settings – > Privacy in your dashboard and choose the first option.

WordPress.com Privacy settings for SEO

* Register your own domain name and host it with WordPress.com instead of having your blog as a subdomain . Having your blog in your domain name is good for SEO and brand building.

* Register with webmaster tools provided by major search engines and follow the insights provided by them. Visit Tools – > Available tools in your WordPress.com dashboard.

Webmaster Tools Verification
Webmaster Tools Verification in WordPress.com

* Use themes with better SEO. Vigilance and Linen are two such SEO friendly themes.

* Tag and categorize your posts with relevant keywords so that you get listed in global tags pages in WordPress.com. Getting listed in global tags pages can send you direct and search engine visitors.

Scribe SEO WordPress plugin
Scribe SEO WordPress plugin

* Optimise your post content for better SEO. There is a web version of  ScribeSEO that will help you do this.

If you have your WordPress blog self hosted like ours, you can have absolute control on every aspect of on-site SEO.

Please note that search rankings are calculated from a combination of over 200 paramaters and what you do above is only on-site paramters that you can control within WordPress.com . Write quality content regularly which will attract high quality backlinks and participate in your community genuinely. Track your stats and improvise. Only this holistic approach will ensure that you improve your WordPress.com SEO.

Update: Please check the official SEO guide from WordPress.com

18 thoughts on “WordPress.com SEO”

  1. Google is getting really good at picking up new wordpress posts these days.. Mine usually gets picked up within minutes of a post and I am using wordpress. Not sure if this is Google across the board but its pretty impressive regardless.

    1. Hi Will,

      My wordpress site is about four months old but google has not picked up any of my regular posts. I’m wondering if it’s because I don’t have my own domain name. Do you? Any thoughts you have on simple ways to improve my SEO would be great. I’m a bit slow in picking up anything technical like the meta tags and SEO scribes included in Ravi’s post. Thanks.

      1. Hi Tas,

        You don’t need a domain name to appear in search results. Make sure you have allowed search engines under Settings – > Privacy in your WordPress dashboard. Write link worthy useful articles and promote it in your social network. If you need further help, let me know your website URL.

  2. Hi Ravi, excellent article. I stumbled across this while looking for SEO improvements on wordpress.com platform.

    You mention two themes that are good for SEO, however when I go look at these themes via the link provided, I dont see anything special that makes them more SEO-friendly than others.

    Can you briefly comment on how to select wordpress.com themes for their SEO properties? What to look for? Many thanks.

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  4. Good article for beginners, it’s clear, short and excelent content.
    If you allow me I want to use it, in my lenguage. Spanish.


  5. Hi Ravi, great article.
    I’d like my blog to have some search terms that I don’t want to appear on the pages themselves (related terms, etc). Is self hosting my only option, or is there something in the existing wordpress.com site that I can use for this?

  6. Ravi, I recently had the good fortune of reading this article regarding
    SEO, WordPress.com & Better SEO. It is well-written and contained
    sound, practical advice. In fact, I have already benefited from your
    discussion on WordPress.com SEO. I look forward to reading your next
    informative work. Thank you.

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