WordPress web hosting survey

We resell Hostgator shared hosting at MilkHost. Though people love it for its pricing, support and features, shared hosting does have its limitations. Once your WordPress site starts attracting huge traffic, Hostgator shuts down the site. Outages, database connection errors and occasional sluggishness can hurt a business dependent on it. At the same time, the pricing and WordPress install limitations offered by most of the managed WordPress hosts is simply beyond the reach of many.

Do you need a WordPress hosting that

  • Doesn’t need a lot of space
  • Doesn’t need a lot of bandwidth (not many images, video streaming etc.,)
  • Withstands huge traffic
  • Is Super Fast
  • Can have as many WordPress installs
  • Provides a regular cPanel and email hosting
  • Gives unlimited FTP, MySQL and add-on domains

but for an affordable price?

Please help us understand the market need by filling the survey below. This will help us take the plunge and offer a suitable hosting solution. Thanks.

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