Selling WordPress businesses

The WordPress economy is maturing now and we are starting to see more acuisitions, mergers and sale of whole line of products and brands.

DevPress and Themelab got sold out recently.

Press75 tried selling unsuccessfully through Flippa

The interesting part is none of the guys are selling them at the peak of their business unlike how software companies do.

When you are trying to sell when you are no more interested in the product, the recurring revenue is in a declining trend and doesn’t get the prices these products truly deserve.

Who knows?

The future might see more such ventures.

Tips for Better Freelancing

Some tips for better freelancing from my experience

1. Focus

Focus on working in a niche and developing your skill sets, client base in that field. Don’t jump at every new technology or quote beyond your specializion.

Sometimes, it can be too tempting to over specialize too. Resist that. Always try to keep various doors open with a particular area of focus.

2. Invest

Invest on the right tools, learning and training resources. This can give an edge over others who hesitate to do that. At the same time, don’t go overboard shopping for these things. Especially, when you have all those Black friday deals 🙂

3. Be consistent

Clients don’t expect you to be a superman but they expect you to be consistent. So, it is your choice to set your standards and stick to them.

Stay tune for more updates…

WordPress and business opportunities

I gave a talk on WordPress and business opportunities at the Open Weekends event at Chennai on May 25th, 2013. I explained the WordPress ecosystem comprising of premium themes and plugins, managed and hosted services and freelancing opportunities with WordPress. I followed it with a demo of using WordPress insisting on the use case that WordPress is just not a blog but a CMS that can be extended with custom post types. I was quite surprised that only a handful of the quite knowledgeable crowd were aware of WordPress software. Awareness about was better. Continue reading “WordPress and business opportunities”