Blogger to WordPress converts – Beginner Questions

WordPress is better and different than Blogger. This article answers common questions asked by people who moved from Blogger to WordPress.

WordPress is better and different compared to Blogger. This article answers common questions asked by people who moved from Blogger to WordPress.

Where is my Dashboard?

See Site admin under Meta section in the right side bar of your blog.

Can I edit my theme?

If you have installed WordPress software in your own site, yes. If you are using then you need to pay 15 USD to edit your theme. Alternatively, you can choose from different themes given at Site Dashboard -> Appearance -> Themes

Do I have facility like edit layout->page elements in Blogger?

Yes. Check Site Appearance–> Widgets. You can re arrange the order of widgets in your side bar.

How to import my blog posts, comments from Blogger?

Tools–> import–> blogger and follow the directions. It is easy, quick and automatic.

What is the difference between page and post?

Pages are more important and permanent posts that you would like to show to all your readers. For example, you can write about you, provide contact form, list archive of posts. These pages will always visible in navigation menu.

How can I change the long post URL-s? automatically keeps your post heading as part of the URL. So, go to write post or edit post. Below the post title field, you have an option to change the URL.  For who have installed WP in their own sites, go to Settings–>permalinks for changing settings for all posts.

Tamil in WordPress?

See relevant links for Tamil in WordPress.

How to add HTML / Java script?

Appearance–> Widgets–> Text

How to add site stats code?

No need to install site stats code. WordPress gives it for you. Install stats plugin. Check dashboard – > Site stats.

How to change the author name shown in posts?

Dashboard–>Users, edit the user name you want. You have an option called Display name. Change it.

Can I add new users? Can I get a new admin account with different user name?

Yes. See Dashboard–>Users. You can add new users there.

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