Book Review: Bootstrapping Design

Bootstrapping-Design: Absolute page turner and eye opener.

Bootstrapping Design is a best selling ebook written by Jarrod Drysdale. The book targets startup founders and programmers who can’t afford to hire costly design professionals. Jarrod outlines basic design principles to bootstrap their product / app/ website.


* First and only ebook I ever bought after reading the sample chapter. Hold on! This may be the only sample chapter I ever read 🙂 The Typography chapter given as sample could very well be the best chapter of the book.

* Most expensive ebook I ever bought but worth every single penny.

* A real page turner for a tech / design book. Finished reading in one stretch.

* The book and website design itself is an excellent design inspiration.

* I came to know about this book  after reading a blog post on pricing strategy.

Jarrod cleverly chooses to omit complex theories and offers step by step by easy to follow guidelines. The resources section is a real value addition. I almost ended spending a whole day following the links provided throughout the book.

I will highly recommend this book to anyone interested and starting to learn design.

5 out of 5 stars !