Premium WordPress themes and plugins in my collection

When I started using WordPress in early 2007, I never imagined I will buy a WordPress theme or plugin. But when I started freelancing in 2009, I needed to distinguish myself from the competition and started offering premium theme designs as part of the packages I provided. This turned out to be very attractive for my prospective clients. Since then, I started collecting themes from various theme clubs.

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Managed WordPress Maintenance and Support

If you are a busy / technically naive blogger or a business using WordPress, you may require professional help to maintain your WordPress site.

Maintaining your WordPress installation includes:

* Regular upgrades for WordPress, themes and plugins.

* Having scheduled backups for database and media.

* Monitoring the site for security breaches.

* Monitoring and optimizing the site for performance, page load time.

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Behind the site: WP26

Here are the choices I made for building this site.


The site runs on¬†WP Engine¬†personal plan. Earlier I had been using shared hosting from Hostgator. Besides its occasional outages, I couldn’t optimize the site’s performance beyond a point. I had tried Synthesis web hosting for a client before and wanted to try WPEngine next. I am happy with them so far but the pricing is bit costly when I am done with the discounted period. I might get the site hosted with Nodeki soon.

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