Introducing: Codeable – WordPress specific Outsourcing Portal

Codeable is building a real-time outsourcing application, focused only on WordPress services like theme customization and modification. By real-time, they mean to target a market of sub-$200 tasks that can be completed within couple of hours or hopefully a lot less. The application itself supports real-time messaging and code collaboration from within the browser. They aim to deliver a unified WordPress support platform that would enable WP theme owners to get their themes customized regardless whether the official provider is online or not.

Their service will basically provide a network of contractors (which they are talent hunting now) that will be on-site to provide real-time support for clients that need some help on their WP installations ASAP.

Per Esbensen, co-founder of Codeable, shares the following info:

Our concept is quite different from Elance and other big freelance portals. Most of our customers are developers themselves and they are probably using us to outsource their bugs and problems either because they don’t have the necessary skills, or they don’t want to use the time searching for the result. It’s the customer that is setting the price for the bug fix and hopefully he will both save time and money while getting a highly skilled developer to solve his problem. Why use 4 hours researching for a result if you can pay someone $35 for a lot faster bug fix?

The contractors that are online and are willing to fix the problem apply to the task, the customer selects the most appropriate one and the parties join on a separate page called “work room”. This page will include live chat and “code bin”, which will be an editable area, into which both parties will be able to pass code and transfer it to the other party allowing both to edit it in real-time.
It’s the customer that pays for the project fee which is 7,5% and our contractors are paying a monthly subscription fee from $10 up to $40 depending on the amount of money they are making. We are using Braintree as our initial payment provider and we will also provide escrow service.
We will be able to feed our contractors with more that 1000 small customization task worth $15 – $100 / $200 per month. We will get more clients when we have the appropriate amount of contractors.

For the contractors we are seeing following benefits:

• They can increase their hourly rate
• They can login and work whenever they have spare time
• Limited competition due to the exclusivity of network
• Relative simplicity of jobs ensures limited margin of error in task scoping and time estimation
• Technical quality of the website ensures easy and direct access to customers

And for the customers:

• Quick way to solve small coding bugs and problems
• Network of hand-picked high quality contractors ensures the best solution
• Pricing structure controlled by the customer
• Focus on quality assurance and contrail
• Relative simplicity of jobs ensures limited margin of error in task scoping and pricing

Tomaz Zoman, another co-founder of the Startup was available to answer some questions:

Will there be a need and way to allow someone to act as both client and contractor? (Elance allows this) Once expertise could be in theme development and he may need help with plugins and vice versa.

Every contractor will be able to act as a client, we’re only limiting clients to posting tasks only.

Is this only a code help only site? My biggest pain point as a developer is not being able to find quality web / graphic designers to work alongside in projects.

For now, our focus is on code mostly, yes, but the more WP developers we speak to, the more they express their knowledge in the design department, so we have a plan to ‘extend’ the offer with design services as well – but I can’t give you exact dates yet, it’s something we’re discussing.

How will you identify and rate contractor quality?

At first, all contractors will be hand-picked and invited. Later on there will be an application form where each prospective contractor will have to prove their quality (by extensive portfolio and other means)

How will this be different from Tweaky and Fiverr ?

We’re different from Fiverr in several areas: real-time approach, quality of contractors (professionals only) and we’re a niche product. On the other hand, Tweaky is quite similar, but we’re again, focusing only on WordPress – in real-time 🙂

If the payments are from $15-200, how much do you expect the hourly rate average to be?

We’re expecting the hourly rate to be roughly $40-$100 (based on our analysis)

How do you handle payment disputes?

Regarding payments, once the task is published, money is deducted from client’s credit card into our escrow account – only released once task is complete. In case of disputes we’ll handle them personally one by one.

If I am a contractor how do I get paid?

We’re currently working on withdrawals via PayPal – starting out, this will be the only way to get paid, but we’re planning to support other means as well ( Moneybookers, wire transfer, hopefully Payoneer)

Would you like to say something more?

We’ll be starting out by providing real-time support for a major theme shop. They turn down many tasks each day because they don’t do WordPress support or customization as part of their service, so they agreed to send all tasks to us once we’re live. That’s why we have a firm plan of starting out and also growing. We’re planning  to offer same services to other theme providers and at the same time, invite more WP experts to work on Codeable. Our goal controlled growth as much as possible: No contractor will be out of work and every client will have their tasks done on time.