How to find if a site is powered by WordPress?

How to find if a site is powered by WordPress? Search for wp-content in page source. Any site not having these words in the source is not powered by WordPress.

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Many clients approach me thinking a site is done in WordPress while it is not. So, how to find if a site is powered by WordPress?

0. Use It detects a WordPress site with almost 100% accuracy.

1. Right click on any page in the site and select “View page source“. You can also select “Page Source” in the view menu in the browser.

In the source page, search for terms like wp-content or wp-admin or wp-includes . Any site not having these words in the source is not powered by WordPress. Some might have changed the wp prefix for security reasons. But is a very rare case.

2. Check to see if it is powered by WordPress. You can also use this method to see the WordPress version installed.

3. Use BuiltWith Technology Profiler to find out all the technologies used in a website. They have Firefox and Chrome extensions too.

4. Visit . If it navigates to login page of WP then it is a WP website. But this may not work, if they have changed the WP installation folder or changed the WP prefix.

5. Right click on the images in the website and check the location. If it points to folders like wp-content/uploads, then its a WP site. Please be aware people may also source images from other websites and they may have their upload folders else where.

6. Look in the footer for the words “Powered by WordPress“. But many webmasters tend to removed these credentials.

7. And here is the last resort. Just ask the website owner πŸ™‚

Bonus tip: Use to find out what theme a WordPress site runs.

Is there any other easy way to check if a site is done in WordPress? Please let me know in comments. Thanks Mayooresan, Thamiziniyan and Marijan for sharing some of the tips.

12 thoughts on “How to find if a site is powered by WordPress?”

  1. You first have to search for “Powered by WordPress” or “Proudly Powered by WordPress” text inside the website, but this is even better way of finding out because people sometimes remove this text from their WordPress powered website!

  2. Hello, as written Marijan Sivric, I see many blogs that remove “powered by wordpress” but still we can find out by “page source”. proud enough for me to not remove “powered by wordpress”

  3. And one of the main reasons behind the failures of the newbie bloggers is that they take SEO [damn] seriously. And that’s where they start making errors by using forced keywords and other stupid stuff!

    1. Very true, bilgi. Search engines are getting cleverer in knowing natural text and link patterns. So, it is better to be yourself and take care of just the basic things.

    1. Good to see you here, Iniyan. That was a very useful link to get an idea of various technologies used in a site.

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