Must read blogs on WordPress

List of blogs on WordPress that every WordPress follower should read.

Must read blogs on WordPress:

1. Yoast – Yoast is a well known WordPress expert and maker of many popular WordPress plugins. His site is very friendly with unique content. I read his newsletter without fail and always learn some new thing.

2. WP Realm – WP Realm is a blog concerning all things WordPress. This is a non-commercial community blog, focusing on the WordPress community worldwide, and redressing a current imbalance in WordPress blogs that are too often US-centric. That means reporting on WordPress news and events across the world, from France to Serbia to China to India to South Africa to the USA and everywhere in between! They focus on WordPress businesses, blogs, events, people and services.

3. Matt – Founder of WordPress. Period. He doesn’t write much technical stuff but his occasional posts about the philosophy behind WordPress is a must read.

4. Lorelle – I feel her like an official WP spokesperson. You will find anything related to WP documented well here.

5. WPBeginner – A tutorial website to learn all things WP. The site’s content is not just for newbies as it writes on advanced topics every now and then.

6. WPCandy – A community website for WP news.

7. WordPress Tutsplus – Advanced tutorials.

8. WordPress Smashing Magazine – Advanced tutorials.

9. Code Poet – Resources site for any one making things with WordPress. From the Automattic team.

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  1. These is a great collection of popular WordPress blogs. I think I follow almost all the blogs listed here. Anyways, Thanks for sharing Ravi.

    I would love to see included in the list.

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