WordPress Plugins

1. Plugins and Themes in Admin bar

This plugin is for WordPress developers who need to install, upload and edit themes or plugins often. This plugin makes it easy by adding separate root menus for plugin and theme operations in the admin bar.

Download Plugins and Themes in Admin bar plugin.

2. Simple Admin Menus

This plugin is for WordPress developers working with clients and for people who want minimalism in WordPress admin. It hides unwanted or least used menus from WordPress admin to reduce clutter.

Download Simple Admin Menus plugin.

3. Tag or Category term_group order

Adds a group field to tags and categories, allowing to sort them based on term_group order. This can be used to display tags or categories in a semantic way in archives and individual posts.

For example,

If we have three groups of categories for size, color and object, then categories displayed as

Small, Green, Table
Big, Blue, Chair

are more readable than

Table, small, green
Chair, big, blue

Download Tag or Category term_group order

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